Day 1: Beginning CF

Well, yesterday was Logan’s first full, official casein-free day.  I gave him his coconut milk and some strawberries before taking him to daycare, and I brought wiThe Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbookth us a cooler filled with dairy-free foods for the daycare’s cook to substitute.  He was excited to have a “special cup” of yogurt at snack time.  And at dinner, Logan did not add Alfredo sauce to, which is normal for him, anyway; he likes his food plain.  He did a good job of eating unbuttered green beans, too.

Coincidentally, the two cookbooks that I ordered online also arrived yesterday:  The Autism Cookbook and The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook.  Even already in my third post I feel like a broken record, but I hate cooking with a passion—but I’m actually excited to read these two cookbooks.  I told my husband my goal would be to learn how to make one recipe each Sunday.  He laughed at me, probably because I think I’ve said the “I’m going to try to learn to cook, I swear,” line before.  But this time I’m on a mission, and hopefully the CF plan will help me stick to my goal.The Autism Cookbook

Of course, it just so happened that his first CF day also coincided with the first time Logan’s accumulated five stars on his behavior chart (meaning he’s gone five days without pushing, hitting, or kicking anyone at daycare!).  This is great—but it also means he was promised a trip to McDonald’s.  Here’s hoping we’ll find something there that’s not too horrible for him.

And here’s to a successful first day!

Feeling: Capable


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