Week 5: Giving up and getting back

I guess you could say good came from giving up.

Last week I came home from work and my husband said he’d ordered a pizza.  And I couldn’t say anything because the look on his face clearly said he couldn’t cook that night.  And I was too exhausted, too.  So pizza it was, casein included.

And it was good timing.  We had a camping trip planned for that weekend, and I’d been trying to figure out how to maneuver casein-free campfire cooking.  I mean, cooking is hard enough for me–let alone cooking caveman-style–add CF on top of that?  Now, luckily, I had an excuse to simply throw in the towel.  And I didn’t feel bad about it.  We hadn’t been sure if Logan’s CF diet was having any effect, anyway.  He seemed the same.  He’d stopped pushing at daycare and seemed to be more interested in playing with other children, his daycare teacher had said, but there was a good chance that was due to his also starting special education preschool where they focus on social skills every day.  So stopping CF to see what happened actually seemed like an accidentally smart plan.

On the camping trip, Logan basically gorged himself on dairy.  All his favorite foods were suddenly available again: strawberry milk, string cheese, and chocolate (s’mores!).  He happily told me several times, “casein is good for my body.”

The night before he went back to daycare, I noticed his ears were flaming red.  This wasn’t too alarming.  From the time he’s been a baby, he periodically has rosy cheeks and ears.  We tested him for allergies because of it, but all results came back negative.  As I scrubbed Logan’s hair in the bath that night, I tried to remember the last time his ears had turned red like this, though, and I couldn’t recall.

The next morning, Logan couldn’t tell his teacher what he’d done that weekend.  As I was dropping him off, the teacher asked him if he’d had a good weekend.  No response.

What did you do?  she asked.

No response.

Logan, where did we go this weekend? I prompted him.

No response.

Logan, tell Miss Cathy what we did outside this weekend.

No response.  He seemed unable to focus, which used to be common for him but like his red ears, it was something I hadn’t seen in awhile.  That afternoon, I told my husband I thought reintroducing casein was showing effects.

And when I picked Logan up from daycare, his teacher pulled me aside.  Logan had had trouble focusing all day, she said, and had been aggressive again, too, pushing other the other children which he hasn’t done for quite some time…

So apparently, now we have our answer: Going CF had been effective.  Time to grin and bear the difficulties and get back to it.

Feeling: Justified


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