Week 6: Easing in again

Since we discovered that going CF had, definitely, probably, had an effect on Logan, we decided to go back on the CF diet–somewhat.  I say definitely, probably, because a few days after we learned about his returning pushing and lack of focus when milk was reintroduced, I took him in for a physical.  He needed to be confirmed healthy enough for surgery (which is a completely separate issue from his PDD-NOS) on his tear duct.  At the physical, we learned Logan had an ear infection.

Which was surprising, because Logan hadn’t indicated at all he was in discomfort or pain.  Then it wasn’t at all surprising because Logan has never communicated to us when he’s been feeling sick or uncomfortable, likely because of autism.  But, of course, it suggests a possibility that the regression we saw last week might not have been from a dietary change but from an untreated ear infection.

The upcoming surgery also worried me, and I wanted to be able to give Logan anything he asked for when he came out of surgery (the last time he was hospitalized, a few months ago, he came out of a CT scan asking for mozzarella cheese.)  So for now, we’ve switched back to coconut milk and almond milk only.  We’re not worrying about casein in food such as breads.  It’s simplifying life a little, and we’re hoping that as his ear infection is treated, he returns to the good progress he’d been making.  But, if he doesn’t, we’ll go back to fully CF.  At least it’s a nice ease in (though it does seem like after six weeks, we should be past the “easing in” phase … sigh.)

The transition back in has also been eased by the help I’ve gotten from so many thoughtful people.  A friend of mine periodically bakes us delicious vegan (and therefore CF) banana bread, and another friend of mine has been so kind to not only tell me about a good rice noodle package available at grocery stores but also buy me a box to show me exactly what she meant.  My mom has brought over some awesome snack products from Trader Joe’s.  Friends on Facebook have messaged with advice and encouragement, and I’ve been so moved by everyone’s support.  To all of you, thank you!

Feeling: Supported


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