Week 18: Back to square one

How I loved being home for two weeks.  Man, the amount of things I accomplished in one day all to myself, with the kids at daycare!  This diet would be starting to be no problem if I were permanently a stay-at-home-mom rather than a teacher.  And how unfair, it seems like of all the moms I know who do this diet or another diet, or those who strike me as the “healthy” moms–none of them work outside the home.

More proof that you have to be rich to be able to afford to be healthy, I suppose.

Anyway, as I got ready to head back to work this week, reality sank in again, and my panic-attack-inducing stress returned.  Sunday night as I rocked Sadie to sleep, I found myself checking off my mental to-do list before I could fall asleep myself: Read Logan his books and put him to bed.  Clean the kitchen.  Make a breakfast for him to take in the morning.  Make him a lunch to take.  Gather snacks for him to take for the week, type up an official diet list for his daycare, check to make sure we have a quart of unsweetened coconut milk to send with him to daycare, and make him a Nalgene bottle full of his special lemonade.  And, because it’s his birthday, fill little party favor bags for him to give to his friends tomorrow instead of the typical junk-food birthday treats.  Oh, also and, because tomorrow is “hot chocolate” day at daycare, make a no-dairy, no-sugar substitute to send.

Then maybe find my laptop, phone, bus pass, and anything else I’ll need to bring for myself so the morning goes smoothly.  I tried not to grunt too loudly from lower back pain as I stood up from the glider and then leaned over to lay Sadie in her crib without waking her.  Looks like we’re back to the days of staying up so late I won’t be able to walk the dog or exercise in the morning.  Or even shower.

And on top of the return of stress, we had other bad news this week, too.  Logan’s diaper rash wasn’t a reaction to any of the new foods he’s been eating (which is actually awesome news) but rather perianal strep.  Like, strep throat of the butt–who knew that was even a thing?  The bad part about this, though, is it needs to be treated with antibiotics, which will negate everything we’ve done to build up good bacteria in his gut for the past month.  It will likely mean regression of the good behavior we’ve seen recently (behavior like last night, as I put the fish, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, and cabbage on the table, Logan exclaimed, “Mommy!  Don’t forget the kale!”).  Essentially, we’ll be starting over at Square One again.

Sigh.  Well, bring it on, I guess.

Feeling: Weary.  And the new semester hasn’t even started.


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