Week 26: The price of peace of mind

On Fridays, I take Logan to occupational therapy.  He had a great session today, enjoyed his muffin* on the ride to daycare, and arrived in a happy mood.  As I hung up his coat, I saw him race up to another boy, who was playing trains.

“Hi!” Logan said brightly.  “Can I play with you?”

This easy greeting would have been unthinkable a year or even six months ago for my autistic boy.  Instead, he would have gone to play off by himself or maybe shoved the boy playing with trains.

“Yeah!” said the boy, holding out a black train to Logan.

Logan looked at the offered toy.  “Well, I really wanted the green one,” he explained.

The boy shook his head and squeezed his train tighter.  I took a step toward them, ready to intervene as Logan went into meltdown.  It never mattered what it was–a train, pillow, balloon, cup–Logan always had to have the green one.

But Logan simply took the black train and knelt to the floor to play.

So simple.  But again, this would have been pretty difficult to fathom happening even a few months back, before starting Logan on his GFCFSugarF diet.  Perhaps it’s a sign we are taking the right path.

Interestingly, I’d spent all week looking into getting more physical, concrete signs we are on the right path.  I found a few holistic Defeat Autism Now! (DAN) doctors in the metro area who would run lab tests to look at digestive health.  We could take Logan to one of these doctors, have a few lab tests done, and see if in fact there is evidence of yeast overgrowth in his gut, along with several other things.  For example, the labs might also look for a lack of vitamins and minerals, an excess of fat molecules, high levels of metals, or more.

It would be nice to hear a definitive yes–he does have a yeast overgrowth, and he should continue to live sugar-free.  It’d certainly bring peace of mind.

But–ouch–the price tag of peace of mind.  Most insurance plans–including ours–won’t cover these types of nonconventional doctors, and I estimate the bill for our DAN visit and tests will be right around the $1,000 mark.  Is it worth a grand for peace of mind to hear confirmation that we’re doing what we should?

Would it be worth it if we heard something different?  If there is no yeast overgrowth, and we’ve been stressed and overspending for naught?

Would it be worth it if we learned something additional–that on top of probiotics, there might also be a need for B12 shots?

Feeling: Frugal

* My wonderful mom made us these strawberry muffins, from Sugar Free Kids, with just about no taste whatsoever.  Maybe a slight hint of sand.  But, Logan eats them up. 


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