Week 32: Flour flowers for me

I had to share this lovely surprise from my husband the other day–two beautiful flowers made from our homemade cracker dough scraps!

If white roses symbolize innocence and red roses signify passion … onion roses say dedication.

My husband doesn’t give me flowers very often.  In fact, I think it’s happened three times in our nine years together.  Yet he shows his love for me and our family continually by cooking GFCFSugarF meals for us every night and GFCFSugarF treats to stockpile every weekend.  Marriage is never easy, and a diagnosis of autism adds a ton of stress to the  mix.  Because of this, some studies claim divorce rates are higher among parents of autistic children (though other studies say there is no difference), and the organization Talking About Curing Autism even lists “Keep your marriage and family in tact” as a step in its “Autism Journey: Year One Blueprint” guide.  Flowers have never seemed that important to me, but this one made from onions, thyme, and flax seeds and the dedication it represents mean more than I can say.

Feeling: Loved


5 responses to “Week 32: Flour flowers for me

  1. Jean

    Laura, this post about the onion rose Jason gave you made me cry 😉

  2. I would take that flower over a real one any day. Looks good and crispy!

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