Week 40: Snack attack!

Is it just me, or do kids eat all the dang time?  One of the more frustrating aspects of doing this diet has been that basically, it’s not too impossible as long as you cook everything yourself — anything prepackaged usually has sugar.  For me that’s not so much a problem, as I usually only eat once or twice a day anyway, but for Logan, this is a big problem.  He has snack time twice a day at daycare, once a day at therapy, and once a day at preschool.  Even his social skills group–that met for ONE hour–included snack time!  Can kids really not go an hour without having a snack?

In any case, I am slowly learning a few products and brands I can safely and easily send (translation: that don’t require refrigeration) with Logan and still stick to the diet.


Angie's Popcorn

This is probably Logan’s favorite–he loved popcorn before going on the diet, and now he can have it again because Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop is non-GMO with no butter (or sugar) added.  Perfect for daycare snack time and movie time at home!

Snapea Crisps


Then there’s the standby, the one we should probably buy by the ton because we go through them so quickly.  In fact, I once bought 10 bags of Snapeas at the Whole Foods near my office when the co-op near our house ran out.  They thought I was just a little crazy.

Luv ice cream and chocolates


Thank god we can still have ice cream.  Luv brand is the best, with no dairy or sugar (or gluten or any of the other dozen things that are no-nos).  Of course, the only problem with this snack is I can’t send it to daycare, preschool, therapy, or the dozen other places kids need to bring snacks these days.  But Luv also sells GFCFSugarFree chocolate bars and candies, too, which I’d be addicted to myself if they weren’t so damn expensive.

Seeds and (some) nuts

pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds (and sunflower seeds) are also good snack options for us.  Logan likes them because they’re similar to the cashews he used to love but can no longer have on this diet.  He also likes almonds as a snack (which are acceptable on the diet), but the seeds are better because we’re not allowed to send any form of nuts to school — too many possible nut allergies in other children.

Sea crackers

sea crackersI’m still working on these sea crackers — I like the Garden Herb version, and Sadie does, too, interestingly.  But Logan hasn’t caught on to them yet, which is too bad because they have nothing but flax seed, kombu, and herbs — no sugar or gluten!

Kale chips

Kale Chips

I tried making these once, and no one ate them.  Then I bought some, and my kids gobbled them up (we’ve tried both Rhythm Superfoods and Brad’s Raw Foods).  Now that Logan and Sadie know kale is OK to eat–somebody somewhere has put it in a cool-looking package, which must mean it’s a treat, right?–maybe I should try making it again.  It’d shave a few cents off our out-of-control food budget, at least.

Of course, we try to make some of our own snacks, too, like cookies for desserts sometimes, and frozen lemonade pops.  But being such a mobile family, and in particular, having a mobile son like Logan who attends three different “schools” throughout the week, it really helps to be able to throw something in his backpack that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

If anyone has any other brands or ideas that they use or easy on-the-go snacks, please let me know!

Feeling: Organized

P.S.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong mamas out there!


2 responses to “Week 40: Snack attack!

  1. Those Snapea Crisps are soooo delicious!
    I found a giant bag at Costco for like $6. I was beyond excited!

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