About Our Diet Phases

Hmm…no longer on the menu

First, why so many diets? 

Well, it’s not that the first diet didn’t work.  In fact, we know that it did because when we came off it for a month, we saw a huge drop in Logan’s social behavior.  And if the first diet helped, it seems to me, going further and further with dietary healing just might be the answer.

  1. CF
    We began by eliminating all casein from Logan’s diet, which means all milk and milk products.  This was hard; after all, Logan takes after me and drank about five glasses of whole milk a day*.  But it poses even tougher challenges: Milk is an ingredient in practically all packaged foods.  Going CF meant no more macaroni and cheese, no more Hamburger Helper, no more Goldfish crackers.  It even meant no more taco seasoning, which contains whey (which means milk).  This was hard because A) I hate to cook, B), both my husband and I work full-time and relied on convenience, and C) I hate to cook.  But we somehow made it work.
  2. GFCF
    The next step was adding gluten-free on top of casein-free; these two seem to usually be done together anyway.  This wasn’t quite as hard, as most of the products we had switched to to be CF were already GF, too.  It mainly meant no more chicken nuggets (or no more normal brand chicken nuggets or any fast-food chicken nuggets, at least) and a different brand of bread and bagels.
    Currently we’re easing into the BEDROK diet, which is complicated and frustrating as f***.  (Apologies; food tends to make me swear.)  At its most basic level–or at least my interpretation of it–this diet A) eliminates all sugars, including those from fruit, and B) introduces probiotics.  The theory behind this diet is that autism is linked to an excess of yeast in the gut.  Yeast feeds on sugar, and to kill it, you need to starve it.  Once the yeast has died off, the good bacteria that lives in harmony in everyone’s digestive tracts (or, I should say, everyone who is healthy and/or “typically developing”) needs to be built back up.  Probiotics do just that. My husband and I look back on our first days trying CF and how hard it was, and we scoff at our former selves.  Casein-free was nothing, we know now, compared to sugar-free.  Sure, it seems simple enough–no candy bars and soda, which we shouldn’t be letting our kids eat anyway.  But remember it’s not a junk-food-free diet; it’s a sugar free diet.  Meaning no fruit.  No tomatoes.  No rice.  No beans.  No potatoes, except for red-skinned ones.  No a lot of stuff.

So this is where we are now, sort of doing BEDROK (sort of because it’s so hard!  We do our best.).  And we’ll see where this one leads us.


*That might be an exaggeration.  My husband likes to remind me I do this from time to time.


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3 responses to “About Our Diet Phases

  1. Hi. I am on the primal diet and my daughter is GFCFSF, and we try to purchase organic products as recommended by the Environmental Working Group’s pesticide and GMO lists. I have always been curious about the sugar-free diet you mention and I hope you don’t mind if I ask this question: How does a person who is not diabetic keep blood sugar levels in a normal range on a sugar-free diet? Thank you.

    • Hi Georgia Mom,
      That was my husband’s exact question, too. I don’t really know, but we do have an appointment with a MAPS doctor next Tuesday where I’m sure we’ll ask. I’ll let you know!

  2. Thanks Laura. After I asked this question it occurred to me that maybe you do as I do with the Primal Diet – that is I use a macro tracker to keep up with my carb count, as I still have 20 pounds to go to reach my goal weight. I still remember, though, when my daughter was on the Ketogenic diet for seizures, in the hospital they would do a finger stick blood draw every hour and I wondered if I was incorrect in thinking that was a bit of overkill. And then I also keep reading posts from people who jokingly talk about how grouchy they get before they eat – because their blood sugar is low. So much information! Re: The response of the MAPS doc – – thank you for thinking of my question in relation to your appt.

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